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Aaron J. Hughes

Community Announcement - 0001

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The management team of Bytherion.net wishes to thank all members that participate in active roleplay on our server and still attend to do so. 
It has been a rough couple of days with several unprepared situations and problems appearing out of nowhere and making it difficult for us to run Bytherion.net 
as friendly and fun as possible. We apologise for this inconvenience that has affected all players. 
We, Bytherion.net, have set our new objective to stabilise the performance for both server/community to bring a forward quality experience all of you deserve to receive with us. We would like for you to know, that all suggestions, voices and actions do not go unheard/unnoticed. 

We will continue to do our best to get the best out of Bytherion.net and wish for all of you to be part of this great experience!

Kind Regards,
Community Management

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