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  1. Lizard Man

  2. Political Compasses

    @ww that’s some good shit. @Carrion @Megafreak go pick flowers and die
  3. Political Compasses

    Let’s cut the wheat from the commies https://www.politicalcompass.org/
  4. Hi

    like a piano at the edge of a cliff, potential
  5. Iron Sights

    Spot on, I will get in with this over the next week.
  6. Iron Sights

    There’s an addon for Garrysmod that allows you to move the model around, similar to PAC, and gives you a print-out of the coordinates/rotation. For the life of me I cannot remember the name, if you’re able to find it, I’d appreciate it immensely.
  7. Iron Sights

    ‘Iron sighting’ does increase accuracy (the spread). The alignment of weaponry can be achieved relatively easily, by someone going through each view model and setting up the coordinates on the player character. It would take a few hours, but I’ll look into it while I’m away.
  8. Event Characters Required

    All positions now taken.
  9. Event Operator The role Working alongside community and server staff to deliver regular events to the players. Be mindful of the player economy; offering worthwhile, yet realistic rewards for completion of events; keeping in mind that risk and reward should be balanced appropriately. Create and utilise interesting event characters to offer an immersive and enjoyable experience. Make use of the established google form and event spreadsheet; to request items and equipment from senior administrators. Maintain a neutral standing between all factions and players, you will not be allowed to turn any player away from an event unless you can justify it to a Senior Admin. Requirements Previous experience as Event Staff or similar is preferable, but not required. A good standing within the community and on the server. A minimum activity of two hours a day across five days of the week; over the course of the previous two weeks. (This can be reviewed and negated by Senior Staff) Must not currently hold an administration or faction leadership position. You must be able to control your temperament, as you may encounter frustrating situations on a regular basis. How to apply Create a forum private-message, including both myself and Aaron (if you’re having trouble, send it directly to me and I will include Aaron), in which you list your experience, reasons for applying and any information that may be useful to the process. Benefits This role allows for the applicant to move onto an moderator or administrator position after a period of time, subject to performance and conduct. The successful applicant will have access to a large variety of characters, without needing to fill out an extensive application and may be allowed access to other passive characters (ghouls, animalia, traders or special characters) to roleplay during their own time. Access to Staff meetings and briefings, as well as being able to put forward ideas as to how the community should be run. Good luck to all of you!
  10. Hey everyone!

  11. Official Launch


    Cheers mate
  12. Event Characters Required

    There are now only 1-2 spaces remaining for this.
  13. Whaddup