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  1. Community Announcement - 0001

    Bytherion.net Announcement The management team of Bytherion.net wishes to thank all members that participate in active roleplay on our server and still attend to do so. It has been a rough couple of days with several unprepared situations and problems appearing out of nowhere and making it difficult for us to run Bytherion.net as friendly and fun as possible. We apologise for this inconvenience that has affected all players. We, Bytherion.net, have set our new objective to stabilise the performance for both server/community to bring a forward quality experience all of you deserve to receive with us. We would like for you to know, that all suggestions, voices and actions do not go unheard/unnoticed. We will continue to do our best to get the best out of Bytherion.net and wish for all of you to be part of this great experience! Kind Regards, Community Management
  2. District Wars

  3. Closed Staff Meeting

    Bytherion Staff Meeting - 0001 All staff members from the Bytherion Community are expected to join this meeting to discuss on going problems, organising the staff structure and its members. Meeting Status: Closed, staff only. Required to attend: Yes. More info to be given on the meeting.
  4. NCR - Roster

    5th Battalion - The Nevada Desert Dogs Battalion Commander (Major) - Marcel Hummington Battalion First Sergeant - N/A Infantry Company Commander (Captain) - N/A Company Sergeant (Master Sergeant) - N/A First Platoon Maria Platoon Leader (Staff Sergeant) - Rick Sato @Aaron J. Hughes Alpha Squad Squad Leader (Sergeant) - N/A Squad Soldier - Private First Class Jin Kazegawa @LK520 Squad Soldier - Private Sean Connor @Ascended Squad Soldier - Private Noah Falls @Astra Jelly Bravo Squad Squad Leader (Corporal) - Alexander Snowden @Wrenn Squad Soldier - Private Floyd Garret @Megalomaniac Squad Soldier - Private Dwayne Abner @Saggy Squad Soldier - Private Charles Braddock @toxicpain Charlie Squad Squad Leader (Corporal) - N/A Squad Soldier - Private Alistair Trevelyan @ww Squad Soldier - N/A Squad Soldier - N/A Military Police Corps Police Commander (Sergeant) - N/A Military Police (Lance Corporal) - N/A Heavy Infantry Platoon Platoon Commander (Lieutenant) - N/A Platoon Sergeant (Staff Sergeant) - N/A 1st Recon Company Commander (Lieutenant) - N/A Company Sergeant (Staff Sergeant) - N/A NCR Rangers Ranger Chief - N/A Veteran Ranger - N/A Ranger - N/A Recruit Ranger - N/A
  5. Rules & Information

    Fallout: New Vegas Rules S2RP->S2K General Rules All of the following common RP Rulebreaks are not permitted on our server: Metagaming/Metabaiting[1], Powergaming[2], Minging[3], RDM[4], Spamming in all Forms[5], Making Characters from Canon[6], Exploitation of Bugs or Glitches[7], Impersonation of Staff Members/Faction Leaders[8], Mingegrabbing[9], CharDesc Avoidance[10], Item Transfer[11], Backseat Administration[12], Abusal of Given Flags[13], Asspulling[14] You must remain in character at all times whilst outside of safe zone [G1] unless an admin specifically addresses you for the purposes of intervention. You can’t avoid combat by being ‘OOC’. Avoidance of Roleplay is just that. Please do not ever simply ignore a player’s roleplay. If you take fault with it OOCly, call an administrator. You should make a consistent effort to P2L[G2] in all roleplayed combat. Only in the circumstance that you hold a significant advantage over your opponent; in the instance of them being under-armored, outgunned or outnumbered; should you consider yourself able to do otherwise. Even then, be conscious of powergaming [2] Individual Faction Rules come first in combat. If your faction has differing rules for when it can engage in combat, or seek it out, follow those primarily. All characters should be able to be defeated in combat; one way or another. Ensure your character has a number of flaws, weaknesses and general disadvantages. Nothing is invulnerable. Never engage in combat, be it S2K or S2RP without having the time OOCly to see it through to completion. Disconnecting mid-RP is likely to result in some form of punishment. Using PET flags in combat is highly punishable, and should not be done at any time. Bunnyhopping in combat is bannable; and is not excusable even when using melée. Scamming OOCly is against the rules in all forms. Essentially, don’t lie OOCly. Make effort to spell correctly at all times; and if you do notice a mistake you have made, correct it in LOOC. Miscommunication can result in unforeseen circumstances. The voiding of a situation can only take place with either: The Consent of Every Individual Involved (If even a single person refuses, the void cannot take place) or Administrator Approval. If your description details your equipment (armor or weapons), it must be changed once the weapon/armor is lost/unequipped. Do not use /roll by default; however RP may use rolling, if all parties agree. Binds of any kind, for healing, changing weapon or any other utility, are prohibited. Using healing items in combat is prohibited, unless you type an action command (/me) of your using the item. This action command must be determined to be both ‘detailed’ and ‘sufficient’. Rules of Engagement At least one action command (/me) must be written before an S2K scenario takes place, regardless of whether or not your weapon is silenced. Additionally; you need to have line of sight on your target before you post the /me, not afterwards. If your initial action command (/me) is determined to be ‘spam’, in the form that it is far too long and fills the screen (causing genuine distraction and disarray), you will be told to change it and to refrain from doing so in future. This is to prevent distraction during S2K, and to ensure that S2K action commands can still be read effectively. Dependent on where your weapon and enemy currently are, you may need to do several /mes to prepare your weapon before firing. One should do at least one /me for the equipping, raising and firing, respectively. There is no word limit for these /mes, but they must be determined to be both ‘detailed’ and ‘sufficient’. Firefights, once again, cannot be initiated with a bind of any form; and you may also not utilise binds to equip, de-equip or use items during combat. When initiating a firefight, you do not need to wait for the other party/parties to react. When reacting to a firefight initiation, you do not need to write your own /me. The only /mes one may need to use during combat, are to use healing items. Loading ammunition does not require a /me. Once you kill your opponent/opponents that the initial action command (/me) was directed at, S2K is over. You may not assault a different group of individuals afterwards. In firefights, S2K is always in effect, unless otherwise specified to you by a member of staff. In melée combat, S2RP is always in effect, unless otherwise specified to you by a member of staff. In the event of combat involving both melée and firearms, melée can be used with S2K, providing you do not bunnyhop. You must always utilise both PainRP and FearRP; even in combat. If your character would realistically be in pain, or afraid, you must roleplay that. (Caesar’s Legion are somewhat exempt from this, but should always roleplay pain at the very least.) During S2K, it is highly prohibited to: Change your Armor/Clothing, Change your Description, Mingeheal using Healing Items, Use /charfallover to Avoid Damage, Abuse any kind of Animation to avoid Damage, or obscure Actions. Stimpaks only heal injuries. They don’t prevent pain. You must still roleplay any lingering injuries, pain or mental scarring following combat’s completion. Using Teamspeak/Skype/Discord, or any other VoIP software to communicate and collude during combat is permitted, but only if all parties involved are involved in the S2K. The only exception, is if all characters involved in the S2K, are communicating with characters that own radios that are both turned on, and tuned to the same frequency as your own. Failing to adhere to this, is classed as metagame. You are only permitted to ‘flag down’, that is to say, disconnect or change character, after twenty minutes have passed following any successful kill. If you die, there is no penalty for changing character; unless you were supposed to be PK’d, and cannot be as a result of you not being on that specific character. Permanent Kill and Mugging Conditions The burden of proof for any PK rests on the one who performs the killing. Proof of what constituted a PK should be readily available to the administration team, should they request it. Issuing a credible threat to another character is grounds for PK. This means that while telling someone you’ll ‘shit down their throat’ is not grounds for PK, threatening to invade someone’s stronghold and kill their women and children, is. Committing crime of any kind against another character is grounds for PK. Seeing someone commit any crime against you, or your compatriots is grounds for a permanent kill. Scamming another player is grounds for PK, and should be noted that it must always be IC scamming, rather than OOC scamming; which is against the rules. Being killed while attacking another character is grounds for a PK in any form, unless this takes place in a faction skirmish. Being killed for directly assisting in any of the above is grounds for a PK; unless, once again, you are part of a faction skirmish. Being killed for being revealed to be a sleeper agent or spy is grounds for a PK; regardless of your faction placement. Being killed by a hitman/assassin/mercenary acting on behalf of someone for any of the above reasons, will result in a PK. Dying while being hunted or pursued for any of the above reasons, will result in a PK, regardless of how you die. Intentionally committing suicide will result in a PK. Being killed while not displaying sufficient FearRP will result in a PK, even if the situation would have previously called for an NLR. (Caesar’s Legion is somewhat exempt, due to their unwavering loyalty to Caesar.) (Note that these are guidelines, and do not represent all permanent kill conditions.) Misconceptions and Impermissible PK Reasons You may not PK another character over minor acts of aggression, such as physical contact that does not cause harm or insults; though consistent displays of these may eventually constitute a PK. You may not kill another character for undercutting, overpricing or price gouging, these are all results of a free and functional capitalist market, and do not represent or equal scamming in any way. When hiring a hitman/assassin/mercenary, the burden of proof rests on the individual who hired them, not the hitman/assassin/mercenary themselves; therefore one should ensure they have just and proper authorization/evidence before hiring someone to kill another. If you obtain items from killing another individual; you are not permitted to instantly sell them. A waiting period of 24 hours is enforced, to ensure that if a PK appeal is accepted, or a kill is determined to be against the rules, the character’s items can be easily refunded, should that be appropriate. Rules on Muggings: Muggings must always take place separately from kills. If you have sufficient authorization or reasoning to either Permanently Kill or Mug an individual, you must choose one or the other; not both. Muggings must always have sufficient authorization or reasoning that is equal to that of a Permanent Kill, and must always have the appropriate evidence. That is to say, if an administrator asks you to demonstrate proof that you have a personal vendetta against said character, you have the same burden of proof as if you elected to conduct a Permanent Kill. You may, with sufficient reasoning and authorization, mug anything you are able to see via the pat down command. You may not, however, mug currency in any form, unless they have previously stolen that from you, or scammed that from you. If the target of your mugging does not resist, you may not kill them upon completion. You may beat and injure them, but it is recommended you do not damage them OOCly (that is to say, lower their health bar), so that you do not accidentally kill them. If you are mugging a member of a major faction (NCR, Caesar’s Legion, BoS), there must be at least three other members of that faction online. They do not have to be at their keyboard, but they have to at least be flagged up at the time. This is to emulate the large scale of the factions, and their overarching eyes and control. If you are mugging anyone in a location primarily owned by any major faction (NCR, Caesar’s Legion, BoS), there must be three members of that faction online. Once again, they do not have to necessarily be at their keyboard, but they must at least be flagged up at the time. You may not ‘flag down’, that is to say, change character or disconnect, until twenty minutes have passed following a mugging attempt. Even if your mugging is interrupted, and you escape, you are not permitted to change character or disconnect from the server until twenty minutes have passed, to give pursuing forces ample time to look for you realistically. If you die, however, and somehow do not meet the criteria for a Permanent Kill, you are permitted to change character or disconnect immediately. Erotic Roleplay Rules All ERP, that is to say, roleplay of an erotic nature (this does not extend to general romance such as hand-holding, kissing etc.) must never disturb other players. If you do choose to engage in erotic roleplay, you should make a genuine effort to not have other players see it, doing it in confined spaces, alone. If any party involved, including anyone who happens to be seeing the ERP take place, requests a fade-to-black (F2B; where the graphic content is omitted, but the actions still took place ICly), a fade-to-black must take place. Any kind of ERP that involves a lack of consent, sexual assault or rape, must be consensual OOCly. That is to say, all players must be OOCly okay with it. ERP of this kind must always be a fade-to-black scenario. [1] Metagaming/Metabaiting: Using information from out of character, in character/attempting to make another do so. [2] Powergaming: The act of forcing actions upon another player. E.g. /me strikes you on the back of the head, knocking you out straight away. A more appropriate version would be; /me strikes you on the back of the head, with intention of knocking you out. [3] Minging: Silliness to the point where it intrudes on the roleplay/gameplay of other players. [4] RDM: Random Death Match is the act of killing/attempting to kill another player without supporting roleplay (Gunning down a random person, or initiating S2K without a /me) [5] Spamming: Repeated posting of the same phrases, server commands, props or tool usage. [6] Making characters from Canon: Using names from the Fallout games or recreated the same character (can be negated with Senior Admin permission) [7] (inc. animation exploits, reload time exploits, attribute whoring, texture exploits, model exploits, or any kind of external hack/modification) [8] Impersonation of Staff/Leaders: Attempting to trick another person into thinking that you are an admin or a faction leader (out of character) under any circumstance. [9] Minge grabbing: Grabbing items without roleplay if they were not specifically intended for you. [10] CharDesc Avoidance: Specifically wording your physical description to avoid detection beyond reason (changing height, age, eye colour, accent [unless roleplayed] or physique). [11] Item Transfer: Dropping items on one character in order to give it to another. (This also includes giving it to someone else, who would then give it to your other character) Metagaming/Metabaiting[1], Powergaming[2], Minging[3], RDM[4], Spamming in all Forms[5], Making Characters from Canon[6], Exploitation of Bugs or Glitches[7], Impersonation of Staff Members/Faction Leaders[8], Grabbing Items without Roleplay[9], Editing one’s Physical Description to Avoid Recognition[10], Transferring Items between one’s own characters[11], Backseat Administration[12], Abusal of Given Flags[13], Asspulling[14] [12] (Breaking Rules to Punish a Rulebreaker) [13](Propkilling, Propsurfing etc.) [14]any kind of item[14], weapon or armor that was not authorized prior to roleplay commencing [G1] Safe Zones: Areas in which there is justifiably less risk (such as a busy town, bar or faction HQ) [G2] Play to lose: This is to take hits, discuss outcomes OOCly, including allowing yourself to lose if you’re at a disadvantage. If you’re confused, have an admin overwatch Special thanks to @ww and @Carrion for writing up the vast majority of these rules!
  6. Senior Paladin Joseph Atton (not yet publicly known)

    @Wrenn @Framebox @Jihadi Jones Stabsfeldwebel Huge ~Renner
  7. NCR - Relations & Rules

    Faction Relations The Strip - Vilified After their humiliation, loss and betrayal transpiring at Hoover Dam, the republic as a whole is calling for vengeance. Caesar's Legion - Hated The NCR-Legion war saw no proper pause, but conflict has been scarce since withdrawal from the Mojave. It’s likely tensions will reignite upon re-entering it. Brotherhood of Steel - Neutral Many believe the Mojave Chapter to be completely wiped out, with attention now focused on the new threat of The Strip. By applying for or playing as a member of the New California Republic, you agree to abide by these rules: IC Trooper Rules (punishable through IC punishment or PK execution): ● Always listen to NCO's/CO's of a higher rank, especially when under their direct command ● Do not leave your station unless going out on patrol (with sgt ● Attend drills or training sessions hosted by officers whenever possible ● Follow the limitations of your rank. Any activities beyond this should be approved by the Major or Captain. ● Do not disclose the NCR radio frequency. OOC Trooper Rules (punishable by a dewhitelist and/or ban) ● Do not distribute NCR weaponry or take more equipment than necessary - all of this is handled through bureaucratic processes such as requisition forms which would prevent this from occurring. ● Do not flag down from your whitelist on your NCR character. While your character may go off-duty to drink, gamble and socialise in the barracks or town (if occupied), you must still abide by the rules above - e.g. no leaving your station. ● Do not abuse your position for malicious purposes - e.g. to mug or needlessly kill other players. The NCR is not the faction for this. ● While most IC behaviour will be dealt with IC, anything that extends beyond what would be realistic or abuse beyond IC limitations will be dealt with through the administration team. This should go without saying, but you may only have one character in a main faction to prevent conflict of interests. If you are in any way part
  8. NCR - Divisions & Ranks

    NCR - Divisions Across the New California Republic, several combat divisions are utilised to maximise the effectiveness and versatility of serving NCR citizens. Below this, you can find a specific description of each division deployed in the Mojave. Being part of a division does not affect the chain of command. However, division leaders (similar to platoon leaders) have a heightened level of jurisdiction over their own members. They are also exclusively responsible for organising recruitment and training. Some divisions (e.g. Military Police) may have more detailed operating procedures than others. In the near future, threads may be created for each one which you will find in the NCR forum board. Infantry Standard NCR infantry, with fairly standard weaponry or armor. The majority of the NCR military consists of these troopers whose numbers appear to outrival any other military in post-war America. NCR Recon Corps Deadly marksmen who tend to be very proficient with the sniper rifles that they wield. Currently, a small proportion of the enlisted troopers are permitted to enlist with this division. Recon troopers will typically engage in reconnaissance and overwatch missions as opposed to standard patrols. NCR Heavy Infantry Only the best troopers are suitable to join the ranks of the NCR Heavy Infantry Corps. Salvaged power armor from the NCR-Brotherhood War and heavy weaponry make them deadly combatants on the battlefield, although the sheer weight of their armor tends to make them poor melee fighters. Currently, this unit is not deployed in the Mojave. NCR Ranger The NCR Rangers are a separate entity and have no direct links with the NCR Army chain of command. Their support and funding, on the other hand, does come from the same source and they are expected to work in cooperation with stationed troopers. Known for their exceptional quality and training, the rangers are feared and respected even by some members of Caesar’s Legion. They engage in a wide variety of combat and reconnaissance roles. NCR Military Police Corps Trained and practised in both military and civilian law, the NCR MP troopers are authorised to investigate, review and judge any serious breaches of law in the wasteland. Standard NCOs and COs are capable of reprimanding troopers or punishing civilian criminals, but it is mandatory to report the incident to the MP Corps when possible. While the NCRMPC utilise a unique rank structure, they are still expected to partake in military actions when required. NCR-Ranks
  9. NCR - General Information

    2nd Company, 5th Battalion - The Nevada Desert Dogs The New California Republic was officially formed in 2189 as a humble confederation of settlements. Through trade, the republic prospered and experienced new entrants over the years as an increasing number of towns looked to join under the promises of wealth and safety - which truthfully, they enjoyed. However, under the presidency of Aaron Kimball, drastic alterations have been made to the goals, morals and territories of the NCR. His imperialistic campaigns of expansion have broadened the horizons of the New California Republic; the military promptly arrived in the Mojave Desert. Second Battle of Hoover Dam Faced with repelling the second Legion onslaught at Hoover Dam, 2nd company fought desperately alongside the rest of their battalion and the amassed 1st New California Republic Field Army. Caesar’s Legion finally routed after hours of intense close quarters combat - at a steep cost: over half of the company’s troops had perished. On an evening already too grim for celebration, victory was snatched from the NCR’s hands. As soon as the dust had settled, Mr House’s army of securitrons were revealed. At the General’s (coerced) command, all infantry began withdrawing to the west. No bodies were recovered from the dam. Word eventually reached the Mojave Outpost and NCR home states of what would come to be known as the Corpse Float; the remains of both factions were supposedly thrown from the dam and left to drift en masse into Lake Mead. Public outrage regarding the incident has helped to deter the rising anti-war sentiment among the population. Aiming for a swift takeover of the Mojave, House had all surviving NCR military personnel marched west - under the watchful eyes of his securitrons. No time was permitted to tend to the wounded, resulting in more casualties from injury and dehydration during what became known as the March of Shame. These two events would lead to a renewed militarism, despite the lost battle. Many new recruits volunteered solely to restore the wounded pride of the republic. Purpose of the NCR Pushed back to their border outpost, the NCR’s sphere of influence in the Mojave has been significantly diminished. However, operating solely from there (at present) does have some perks. For example, the poor logistics and mismanaged supply lines tethered to the now defunct camp of Forlorn Hope are problems of the past. The primary initiative of the NCR is to re-establish the territory of Nevada within its borders. With the Territorial Assembly headed by the newly appointed Governor - more attentively administering the region, the NCR military acts as armed forces, police, as well as judiciary. While the political body of the NCR wishes to remain benign in their dealings in the Wasteland, tensions are rising as the military is opting for a more direct approach. Too many lives have been lost, and many officers feel responsible in ensuring the troopers did not die in vain. A more aggressive approach is certain to be used in the recovery of the Mojave settlements. Any non-NCR citizens are unlikely to receive the hospitable treatment they once did before. (For the purposes of encouraging non-faction RP, military invasions will still be fairly rare. Although, the hardened approach of the NCR will be evident from their conduct.)
  10. Novajo Rest And Trade

  11. Official Launch

    Greetings, On the first of November, we will be officially launching the server to the public. With the last bits and pieces being patched up, we see a positive outcome on delivering a proper Fallout: New Vegas experience to our players! If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact our staff to assist you further! (more information will be given soon) Kind Regards, Aaron J. Hughes Teamspeak IP: Server IP:
  12. Mojave Freelancers

  13. The Cats

  14. Robotics Workshop

    Accepted. Contact me on Teamspeak ASAP. A PM will be sent to regarding this.