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    Breaking Down Junk What I, and many others would like to see, is the ability to break down junk items. Using a crafting table, one could be able to use 2-3 junk items to make a single scrap metal; for balancing purposes. Scrap metal is now ludicrously hard to find, and with the increase in crafting requirements, it would be nice if all loot felt somewhat rewarding, instead of just leaving behind everything but weapon parts and scrap metal. 2 or 3 junk items to 1 scrap metal should be both balanced and justifiable; and I think most people will support this.
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    FURTHER INFORMATION PERSONALITY A hot-headed and obnoxious woman, she sticks to her resolve as strongly as anyone can. She is stubborn, often unwavering in the threat of authority or punishment, and particularly in the face of rudeness. Aida requires some level of mutual respect or, alternatively, stern realism, in order to be even remotely tolerable. She does bear some level of sympathy for other hard-done-by wastelanders, but never enough to consider helping them without reaping some benefit to herself. She requires constant activity and stimulation in order to stave off madness, hence her slightly dubious choice of career, opting instead to spend most of her time scavenging or her contracted jobs rather than assimilating into community life. Aida is often profane, even towards clients, but her upbringing has brought with it bizarre and unfitting pleasantries. If intimidated by someone outside of authority who manages to miraculously commands her respect, Aida is surprisingly efficient at being subservient and following commands. HISTORY Aida was born to two Hangdog tribe members planning on leaving the community. Within days of her birth, her parents uprooted and began to trek across the expanding Legion territory towards the Eastern edges of NCR territory, where they assumed a nomadic existence, travelling between settlements until they reached Nelson. For a few years, Aida was raised in a fairly 'normal' life, while her father offered his services as a caravan guard and her mother assisted on the local farms. The children of Nelson roamed playing 'prospectors' and Aida took great joy in her father's return so she could learn how to forage, use guns, and survive in the wasteland. His stories as a guard thrilled her and gave her a thirst for the wastelands of the Mojave. Her parents both kept her in touch with her Hangdog heritage, keeping two dogs who were her responsibility to raise. The peaceful and ambitious life was shattered by the arrival of the Legion in 2881, which resulted in the deaths of her parents and her dogs, as well as her neighbours and friends. Even her dogs were caught in the razing of the village, as Aida scrambled into the wastes alone and unequipped. The NCR's failure to keep Nelson safe also invoked a disillusionment with the group within her, and ignited a burning hatred for the Legion that had been seeded when news of the fall of the Hangdogs had reached them. Aida took to wandering the outskirts of the Mojave alone, evading Legion patrols, hitching caravans and offering her services as a guard. In the space of a year, she travelled through Redding, New Reno, across to the east outside of NCR territory and towards Zion, then back down to skirt dangerously close to her former home. She found herself settling nearby Nipton for a short time, making bonds with Simon Causer to establish the Freelancers as what she thought she viewed as a temporary hold-over until she moved on again. FACTION RELATIONSHIPS NCR - HATED "Tax an' bully, that's all they do. I have no trust in 'em, House did a damn good thing killin' most of 'em off. Shame he didn't finish 'em the first time." Being indirectly responsible for the deaths of her parents and all she cared about wasn't really the end of it for Aida and her encounters with the NCR. Hostile skirmishes and her outright rebellion against NCR authority and rule led to a tense relationship with them, and while Aida generally keeps her distance for the sake of ease, any approach towards her by NCR officials is often met with hostility and insults on her behalf. Any attempts to make her recognise their sovereignty will inevitably end poorly for both parties. LEGION - VILIFIED/MORTAL NEMESIS "I'll gut them like rats." There is no greater enemy for Aida than the Legion. Their treatment of women and their direct responsibility in the deaths of her tribe and her family have led to an extreme hatred within her for the men of the Legion. While she is not idiotic enough to go on a suicide mission to destroy them, she will not hesitate to engage in verbal (profane) warfare with them from a distance, and would likely not pass up on the chance to kill one where reasonably permitted. BoS - NEUTRAL "Who cares?" Aida has virtually no opinion of the BoS, with little to no experience handling them either. For this reason, she doesn't particularly care one way or another. THE STRIP - NEUTRAL "Let House do his thing. So long as he's not gonna make me fight them damn Securitrons, I was never planning on going to The Strip anyway..." Aida has never ventured to The Strip, nor does she take interest in going. There simply isn't enough to compel her there. BANKING CLAN - NEUTRAL "Seems like they're just in it for the money - might be obvious, I don't know. They don't care about people, and I don't care about them. Guess we have self-interests in common." So long as the Banking Clan doesn't step on her toes, Aida doesn't care too much about their existence or what they do. They serve as sufficient traders and a point of contact, and they seem thusfar to be upholding Nipton in a fairly stable manner for all they don't care about the Legion being on their doorstep. CATS - NEUTRAL "That the guys with the funny suits an' hair? Ain't had a problem with 'em yet, but cats and dogs don't get along." Aida has had no real contact with the Cats yet, so has yet to judge them. They seem like one of the gangs that were more typical prior to the second battle of Hoover Dam to her, but she doesn't dislike them for it - they're peaceful for now at least. FREELANCERS - LIKED "They're my friends, I guess I can trust 'em, and Simon has it under control. Even let me put that dog statue up in the reception." Aida found herself inadvertently 'co-founding' the Freelancers with Simon at the helm, and so far she cannot complain. There is already a tight sense of camaraderie between the group, and she can't help but feel that despite the 'agency work' nature, they're a bit of a fraternity together. PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS SIMON CAUSER - LIKED - "He's a good man, helped me sort things out. Maybe I'll be stayin' around this part of the Mojave for longer after all." [[ more to come, ask to be added ]]
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    Fallout: New Vegas Rules S2RP->S2K General Rules All of the following common RP Rulebreaks are not permitted on our server: Metagaming/Metabaiting[1], Powergaming[2], Minging[3], RDM[4], Spamming in all Forms[5], Making Characters from Canon[6], Exploitation of Bugs or Glitches[7], Impersonation of Staff Members/Faction Leaders[8], Mingegrabbing[9], CharDesc Avoidance[10], Item Transfer[11], Backseat Administration[12], Abusal of Given Flags[13], Asspulling[14] You must remain in character at all times whilst outside of safe zone [G1] unless an admin specifically addresses you for the purposes of intervention. You can’t avoid combat by being ‘OOC’. Avoidance of Roleplay is just that. Please do not ever simply ignore a player’s roleplay. If you take fault with it OOCly, call an administrator. You should make a consistent effort to P2L[G2] in all roleplayed combat. Only in the circumstance that you hold a significant advantage over your opponent; in the instance of them being under-armored, outgunned or outnumbered; should you consider yourself able to do otherwise. Even then, be conscious of powergaming [2] Individual Faction Rules come first in combat. If your faction has differing rules for when it can engage in combat, or seek it out, follow those primarily. All characters should be able to be defeated in combat; one way or another. Ensure your character has a number of flaws, weaknesses and general disadvantages. Nothing is invulnerable. Never engage in combat, be it S2K or S2RP without having the time OOCly to see it through to completion. Disconnecting mid-RP is likely to result in some form of punishment. Using PET flags in combat is highly punishable, and should not be done at any time. Bunnyhopping in combat is bannable; and is not excusable even when using melée. Scamming OOCly is against the rules in all forms. Essentially, don’t lie OOCly. Make effort to spell correctly at all times; and if you do notice a mistake you have made, correct it in LOOC. Miscommunication can result in unforeseen circumstances. The voiding of a situation can only take place with either: The Consent of Every Individual Involved (If even a single person refuses, the void cannot take place) or Administrator Approval. If your description details your equipment (armor or weapons), it must be changed once the weapon/armor is lost/unequipped. Do not use /roll by default; however RP may use rolling, if all parties agree. Binds of any kind, for healing, changing weapon or any other utility, are prohibited. Using healing items in combat is prohibited, unless you type an action command (/me) of your using the item. This action command must be determined to be both ‘detailed’ and ‘sufficient’. Rules of Engagement At least one action command (/me) must be written before an S2K scenario takes place, regardless of whether or not your weapon is silenced. Additionally; you need to have line of sight on your target before you post the /me, not afterwards. If your initial action command (/me) is determined to be ‘spam’, in the form that it is far too long and fills the screen (causing genuine distraction and disarray), you will be told to change it and to refrain from doing so in future. This is to prevent distraction during S2K, and to ensure that S2K action commands can still be read effectively. Dependent on where your weapon and enemy currently are, you may need to do several /mes to prepare your weapon before firing. One should do at least one /me for the equipping, raising and firing, respectively. There is no word limit for these /mes, but they must be determined to be both ‘detailed’ and ‘sufficient’. Firefights, once again, cannot be initiated with a bind of any form; and you may also not utilise binds to equip, de-equip or use items during combat. When initiating a firefight, you do not need to wait for the other party/parties to react. When reacting to a firefight initiation, you do not need to write your own /me. The only /mes one may need to use during combat, are to use healing items. Loading ammunition does not require a /me. Once you kill your opponent/opponents that the initial action command (/me) was directed at, S2K is over. You may not assault a different group of individuals afterwards. In firefights, S2K is always in effect, unless otherwise specified to you by a member of staff. In melée combat, S2RP is always in effect, unless otherwise specified to you by a member of staff. In the event of combat involving both melée and firearms, melée can be used with S2K, providing you do not bunnyhop. You must always utilise both PainRP and FearRP; even in combat. If your character would realistically be in pain, or afraid, you must roleplay that. (Caesar’s Legion are somewhat exempt from this, but should always roleplay pain at the very least.) During S2K, it is highly prohibited to: Change your Armor/Clothing, Change your Description, Mingeheal using Healing Items, Use /charfallover to Avoid Damage, Abuse any kind of Animation to avoid Damage, or obscure Actions. Stimpaks only heal injuries. They don’t prevent pain. You must still roleplay any lingering injuries, pain or mental scarring following combat’s completion. Using Teamspeak/Skype/Discord, or any other VoIP software to communicate and collude during combat is permitted, but only if all parties involved are involved in the S2K. The only exception, is if all characters involved in the S2K, are communicating with characters that own radios that are both turned on, and tuned to the same frequency as your own. Failing to adhere to this, is classed as metagame. You are only permitted to ‘flag down’, that is to say, disconnect or change character, after twenty minutes have passed following any successful kill. If you die, there is no penalty for changing character; unless you were supposed to be PK’d, and cannot be as a result of you not being on that specific character. Permanent Kill and Mugging Conditions The burden of proof for any PK rests on the one who performs the killing. Proof of what constituted a PK should be readily available to the administration team, should they request it. Issuing a credible threat to another character is grounds for PK. This means that while telling someone you’ll ‘shit down their throat’ is not grounds for PK, threatening to invade someone’s stronghold and kill their women and children, is. Committing crime of any kind against another character is grounds for PK. Seeing someone commit any crime against you, or your compatriots is grounds for a permanent kill. Scamming another player is grounds for PK, and should be noted that it must always be IC scamming, rather than OOC scamming; which is against the rules. Being killed while attacking another character is grounds for a PK in any form, unless this takes place in a faction skirmish. Being killed for directly assisting in any of the above is grounds for a PK; unless, once again, you are part of a faction skirmish. Being killed for being revealed to be a sleeper agent or spy is grounds for a PK; regardless of your faction placement. Being killed by a hitman/assassin/mercenary acting on behalf of someone for any of the above reasons, will result in a PK. Dying while being hunted or pursued for any of the above reasons, will result in a PK, regardless of how you die. Intentionally committing suicide will result in a PK. Being killed while not displaying sufficient FearRP will result in a PK, even if the situation would have previously called for an NLR. (Caesar’s Legion is somewhat exempt, due to their unwavering loyalty to Caesar.) (Note that these are guidelines, and do not represent all permanent kill conditions.) Misconceptions and Impermissible PK Reasons You may not PK another character over minor acts of aggression, such as physical contact that does not cause harm or insults; though consistent displays of these may eventually constitute a PK. You may not kill another character for undercutting, overpricing or price gouging, these are all results of a free and functional capitalist market, and do not represent or equal scamming in any way. When hiring a hitman/assassin/mercenary, the burden of proof rests on the individual who hired them, not the hitman/assassin/mercenary themselves; therefore one should ensure they have just and proper authorization/evidence before hiring someone to kill another. If you obtain items from killing another individual; you are not permitted to instantly sell them. A waiting period of 24 hours is enforced, to ensure that if a PK appeal is accepted, or a kill is determined to be against the rules, the character’s items can be easily refunded, should that be appropriate. Rules on Muggings: Muggings must always take place separately from kills. If you have sufficient authorization or reasoning to either Permanently Kill or Mug an individual, you must choose one or the other; not both. Muggings must always have sufficient authorization or reasoning that is equal to that of a Permanent Kill, and must always have the appropriate evidence. That is to say, if an administrator asks you to demonstrate proof that you have a personal vendetta against said character, you have the same burden of proof as if you elected to conduct a Permanent Kill. You may, with sufficient reasoning and authorization, mug anything you are able to see via the pat down command. You may not, however, mug currency in any form, unless they have previously stolen that from you, or scammed that from you. If the target of your mugging does not resist, you may not kill them upon completion. You may beat and injure them, but it is recommended you do not damage them OOCly (that is to say, lower their health bar), so that you do not accidentally kill them. If you are mugging a member of a major faction (NCR, Caesar’s Legion, BoS), there must be at least three other members of that faction online. They do not have to be at their keyboard, but they have to at least be flagged up at the time. This is to emulate the large scale of the factions, and their overarching eyes and control. If you are mugging anyone in a location primarily owned by any major faction (NCR, Caesar’s Legion, BoS), there must be three members of that faction online. Once again, they do not have to necessarily be at their keyboard, but they must at least be flagged up at the time. You may not ‘flag down’, that is to say, change character or disconnect, until twenty minutes have passed following a mugging attempt. Even if your mugging is interrupted, and you escape, you are not permitted to change character or disconnect from the server until twenty minutes have passed, to give pursuing forces ample time to look for you realistically. If you die, however, and somehow do not meet the criteria for a Permanent Kill, you are permitted to change character or disconnect immediately. Erotic Roleplay Rules All ERP, that is to say, roleplay of an erotic nature (this does not extend to general romance such as hand-holding, kissing etc.) must never disturb other players. If you do choose to engage in erotic roleplay, you should make a genuine effort to not have other players see it, doing it in confined spaces, alone. If any party involved, including anyone who happens to be seeing the ERP take place, requests a fade-to-black (F2B; where the graphic content is omitted, but the actions still took place ICly), a fade-to-black must take place. Any kind of ERP that involves a lack of consent, sexual assault or rape, must be consensual OOCly. That is to say, all players must be OOCly okay with it. ERP of this kind must always be a fade-to-black scenario. [1] Metagaming/Metabaiting: Using information from out of character, in character/attempting to make another do so. [2] Powergaming: The act of forcing actions upon another player. E.g. /me strikes you on the back of the head, knocking you out straight away. A more appropriate version would be; /me strikes you on the back of the head, with intention of knocking you out. [3] Minging: Silliness to the point where it intrudes on the roleplay/gameplay of other players. [4] RDM: Random Death Match is the act of killing/attempting to kill another player without supporting roleplay (Gunning down a random person, or initiating S2K without a /me) [5] Spamming: Repeated posting of the same phrases, server commands, props or tool usage. [6] Making characters from Canon: Using names from the Fallout games or recreated the same character (can be negated with Senior Admin permission) [7] (inc. animation exploits, reload time exploits, attribute whoring, texture exploits, model exploits, or any kind of external hack/modification) [8] Impersonation of Staff/Leaders: Attempting to trick another person into thinking that you are an admin or a faction leader (out of character) under any circumstance. [9] Minge grabbing: Grabbing items without roleplay if they were not specifically intended for you. [10] CharDesc Avoidance: Specifically wording your physical description to avoid detection beyond reason (changing height, age, eye colour, accent [unless roleplayed] or physique). [11] Item Transfer: Dropping items on one character in order to give it to another. (This also includes giving it to someone else, who would then give it to your other character) Metagaming/Metabaiting[1], Powergaming[2], Minging[3], RDM[4], Spamming in all Forms[5], Making Characters from Canon[6], Exploitation of Bugs or Glitches[7], Impersonation of Staff Members/Faction Leaders[8], Grabbing Items without Roleplay[9], Editing one’s Physical Description to Avoid Recognition[10], Transferring Items between one’s own characters[11], Backseat Administration[12], Abusal of Given Flags[13], Asspulling[14] [12] (Breaking Rules to Punish a Rulebreaker) [13](Propkilling, Propsurfing etc.) [14]any kind of item[14], weapon or armor that was not authorized prior to roleplay commencing [G1] Safe Zones: Areas in which there is justifiably less risk (such as a busy town, bar or faction HQ) [G2] Play to lose: This is to take hits, discuss outcomes OOCly, including allowing yourself to lose if you’re at a disadvantage. If you’re confused, have an admin overwatch Special thanks to @ww and @Carrion for writing up the vast majority of these rules!
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    Augusto, fire up the vertibird.
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    @ww that’s some good shit. @Carrion @Megafreak go pick flowers and die
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    Bytherion.net Announcement The management team of Bytherion.net wishes to thank all members that participate in active roleplay on our server and still attend to do so. It has been a rough couple of days with several unprepared situations and problems appearing out of nowhere and making it difficult for us to run Bytherion.net as friendly and fun as possible. We apologise for this inconvenience that has affected all players. We, Bytherion.net, have set our new objective to stabilise the performance for both server/community to bring a forward quality experience all of you deserve to receive with us. We would like for you to know, that all suggestions, voices and actions do not go unheard/unnoticed. We will continue to do our best to get the best out of Bytherion.net and wish for all of you to be part of this great experience! Kind Regards, Community Management
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    We are looking for some subtle event characters to pop up over the course of the early weeks of the server. Persons taking up such a role will be able to role-play the character as they choose, but will have objectives to complete along the way that will change the political landscape. As such, the event itself will be drawn out over the course of weeks and may mutate as per events occurring within the server. You must be comfortable with the following: You will follow the orders of a lead event character. Your character is more likely than most to die (permanently). High activity will be expected of you. Should you act inappropriate OOC, your character may be removed without warning. Your character will have a set backstory, that you do not choose. Depending on how well you play this character and how you go about completing your objectives, your character could become permanent for you; so you will have a special character. This type of character will become unavailable to any new members after the events have been completed, so make sure you don't miss out. To express your interest, PM @Wrenn directly on the forums with the following information Your steam name Your time zone Your daily activity (hours per day) Your weekly activity (days played) Do you have a character you would like to use for this? (they must not have a 'set-in-stone' backstory). Your character will become effectively immediately once we have reached an agreement; you may be using an existing character or a brand new one, subject to discussion. Not everyone that enquires will be accepted; I will not provide any reasons for denial.
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    Birthplace: Sac-Town, California Age: 26 Affiliation: New California Republic Appearance: A woman standing at an average height of around 5'8. Short light blonde hair, pale blue eyes. Personality: Stubborn, analytical and cautious. Not adverse to a conflict but knows when to cut losses. Prankster. Faction relations Hated Disliked Neutral Liked Allied New California Republic "The last of civilization for miles around." Brotherhood of Steel "A credible threat, one we must work to eliminate." Caesar's Legion "If I see one, I'm shooting." Mojave Freelancers "They seem nice enough, and it's always good to have another gun." Personal relations Hated Disliked Neutral Liked Adored 'Susan' - "About as dense as the steel you wear." Kazegawa - "Fairly annoying. But thanks to Captain Kreunsh, he's not as big a pain in the ass as before." Trevelyan (@ww) - "Someone who's not forgotten what the NCR is about." Metal merc (@Carrion) - "Helped fight off a ghoul and gave me a free escort to the Mojave outpost before I enlisted." Captain Kreunsh (@friendliest man alive) - "A trickster for sure, it was fun." Nakamura - "Half the time he doesn't make sense, the other half it's hard to tell whether he's threatening you or just having difficulty getting a point across."
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    When Fallout is already a radioactive, unforgiving shithole, so the Revolution comes along to make it a Communistic, radioactive, unforgiving shithole.
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    "I've been crawling through the dust with a stick up my ass for too long, I knew it was time to give back." Name: Floyd James Garrett Age: 25 Date of Birth: 8th of March, 2257 Place of Birth: Shady Sands S.P.E.C.I.A.L: Strength: 6 Perception: 6 Endurance: 5 Charisma: 7 Intelligence: 8 Agility: 5 Luck: 3 Physical Description: Standing at a height of 6'2", Floyd is a rather tall man with well kept brown hair and piercing blue eyes. His build would be quite slim but athletic with broad shoulders. A thin glazing of stubble would adorn his sharp jawline. He would be dressed in the standard NCR trooper uniform with Private chevrons stitched onto his shoulder. A standard issue service rifle would hang from the sling over his shoulder and a combat knife would be slid into the sheath on his belt. Likes: Orders, shooting and doing a good job. Dislikes: Legion, messing up and losing men. Hobbies: Target shooting, playing cards and reading. New California Republic: Loved Caesar's Legion: Vilified The Strip: Disliked Brotherhood of Steel: Disliked
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    I'm just here to have a good time and roleplay! I hope to be a valuable part of the community and integrate myself within the server as much as possible!
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    Smiles' Smiling Caravan, a family owned Caravan since 2120! That's the first thing Samuel learned of his family legacy. The first born son (2153) of an independent, family owned caravan operating in New California and Nevada. Adam Smiles was the Patriarch of the Smiles family, and second generation Caravan Head. A quick talking, charismatic, natural born salesman and firm believer in family tradition. Samantha Smiles was his soft spoken, meek, and withdrawn wife. These two had four children, Samuel being the first, then his year younger brother Steven, and twin sisters Jackie and Jamie. From the age of five, Adam taught Samuel to be a trader of the highest caliber, you couldn't be an independent caravan without being someone with sway and connections! Though Samuel proved to be... Different from his siblings, very reserved, thoughtful, less than an average salesman and generally disinterested in the family business. While his younger brother Steven was almost exactly like his dad, gifted with a personable attitude, a great ability for speech, and a mind for business. Jackie and Jamie had the charm but not much else going for them. By the age of fifteen when Samuel still showed a complete detachment for Trade, Adam gave up on his first born son and moved on to the prodigal son, the apple of his eye, Steven. It didn't take long for Steven to soon become Adam's partner when making sales and conducting general business. Samuel, more than anything, was perfectly fine with this, mainly because he saw what his father's life was like. Compared to most other people of the wastes, the Smiles' had a relatively lofty life, though apparently the stress of a family business got to Adam, burdened by the weight of his own father's influence, Adam often took to excessive drinking to wash away the memories. The children never suffered and neither did Samantha, they simply watched as Adam suffered. Samuel never wanted to end up like that, a hopeless drunk putting on the facade of a business man, supporting the crushing weight of his life upon a river of alcohol. Drawn to books and old holotapes, Samuel always found his interests centered around pursuits of the self, improving one's own being and consciousness. In short, Samuel was a thinker, viewing the world from his own odd angle and drawing up his own conclusions, views, and basis while enriching his mind. An under appreciated pursuit in the wastes of America. Samuel was by no means a genius, not one for mechanics, science, or anything of the like, his mind was one focused on ideas and thoughts of the world and existence, if anything, he was a philosopher. His mother Samantha saw this in him and knew why he was so different, he was just like her. Samantha eagerly fed Samuel's craving for knowledge and thought provoking interactions, something no one ever cared to improve in her. By the age of eighteen the family was almost divided, Samuel and Samantha on one side, Steven and Adam on the other, with the twins oblivious as usual. It wasn't until this age Samuel learned the true origin behind this family, Samantha had been sold into becoming Adam's bride, forced to become part of the Smiles family and caravan. The worst part was, Adam and Samantha had no real love for one another, only a bind enforced by the influence of their parents. This was when Samuel found his first spark of hatred in life, for tradition, neglect, and greed. For the next fourteen, the Smiles family lived as they always had, trading around New California and Nevada. Samuel slowly grew ever more distant and detached from his father. When Broken Hills came to be in 2185, Smiles' Smiling Caravan took to it like a moth to flame. The elder Adam saw his chance for a big score that would finally allow for the Smiles' to establish themselves as an economic power in the region. One of the first caravan families to make advantages of the Ghouls' and Supermutants' hard work mining uranium, they quickly made a fortune. Adam and Steven were beyond themselves with business and trade relations, while Jackie and Jamie lived life like the spoiled children they would always be. Samuel never saw anything good in his family's wealth, it came from the hard labor and exploitation of those who actually deserved the wealth. Instead of helping in the family business, Samuel decided to work around Broken Hills with Unity to maintain human relations with the mutants. While his mother fully supported it, his father didn't take to it kindly, being one of the many bigots on the wastes who had a hatred for Ghouls and the like. Though Samuel didn't care, he saw a chance to better one of the thriving communities of the wastes. Showing a tact for thoughtful deliberation and negotiation, Samuel helped dissolve many conflicts between Humans and Mutants in Broken Hills, while maintaining a cold relationship with his family. It wasn't until Samuel looked to the uranium mines he found more to life, it wasn't a physical attraction, but it was one of intellect and even some romance. Her name was Vivian, a ghoul. Vivian worked as an analyst for the mine, maintaining the numbers on uranium mined and refined along with sales. Once a survivor of the Great War, Vivian took to surviving in the broken world and eventually found herself in Broken Hills. Spending much of his time around the mines and with Vivian, Samuel sought to learn as much of the old world as he could from her, and to hear her own opinions and thoughts of the world around them. It was something greater than friendship, something rarely seen in the wastes, mutual respect and compassion for someone vastly different than yourself. As with everything, there was a flip side. After three years of living in Broken Hills, and spending a dangerous amount of time around the mine and background radiation, Samuel became a ghoul. The development wasn't world breaking, though it was life changing. His hair fell out, then his nose rotted off, finally his skin succumbed to lesions and exposure of muscle, tissue, and even some bone. It wasn't much a shock to Samuel, he knew about ghoulification and the danger of living in Broken Hills, but never imagined the radiation around the mine was enough to do this! Mentally, he was prepared for an eventuality such as this, a danger of living near radiation, though he wasn't ready for what would come next. His family disowned him, Adam could never accept a ghoul as his son, Steven followed in his footsteps, and the twins didn't care to be related to a bag of radiated flesh. Samantha was the only one who accepted Samuel, but she couldn't abandon the family. Officially disowned, Samuel took to the comfort of fellow mutants over the condescending stares and muttered slurs of humans. Vivian remained by his side the whole time, though maybe, a bit too close. Now that he was a ghoul, they could be together. But Samuel never wanted anything like that from life, he was detached from the notions of sexual relationships and saw such physical intimacies as unnecessary with someone you truly care for. Where she craved a partner, he craved a friend and companion. Though dejected, Vivian wouldn't give up her friendship with Samuel. The two lived, mutually, until the dissolution of Broken Hills in 2242. Yet Samuel harbored a hatred for people in general from then on, family was a failing construct and other people complex messes with their own notions and ideas, generally intolerable. By that time, Smiles' Smiling Caravan had left the town, it no longer had any reason to remain with the uranium trade dead. They didn't even tell Samuel. Like many Ghouls, Samuel and Vivian migrated to Gecko. It was such a difference from Broken Hills, a community simply made of Ghouls. Samuel could no longer find solace in helping others, his mind was sharp but wasted on keeping bigoted humans from starting shit with innocent or equally as feisty ghouls if they tracked into the area looking to run the ghouls out. The ghoul took to living alone, distancing himself from Vivian and the rest of Gecko, becoming a hermit for an entire year. It wasn't until a moment of weakness, Samuel found himself drinking for the first time ever, sat at the local bar and getting all these new, warm feelings from his first bottle of whisky. After a spat with three ghouls, Samuel found himself up against the thugs outside the bar, getting the ever living shit beat out of him while everyone just watched. One person helped, a woman came up and knocked one of the men out. She pulled a knife to scare away the other two men, but this just turned things from bad to worse. One of the thugs had a pistol, without hesitation he pulled it on the girl and gave her one right to the skull. Making a hasty getaway, and forgetting their unconscious friend, the scene of a simple bar fight became a murder. And nobody did anything. It wasn't till morning, when Samuel found himself waking up sore as a brahmin's ass and near a puddle of blood he remembered the night. They didn't even clean up the body, as soon as Samuel got to his feet he fell back to his knees. It was Vivian, she had tired to save him last night even though he abandoned her, now she was dead. Samuel didn't cry, he didn't scream and promise revenge. He cleaned Vivian's body up and gave her a proper burial, marking down the date, 2250. Samuel had snapped, but not like everyone else snaps. There was no rage, there was no fury, there was that same disconnection, that same dull gray wall that kept him from the world. Yet there was logic, there was his own thoughts and ideals, and Samuel took to them. The ghoul quickly established himself in the refuge of a city, becoming part of the local law Samuel worked to protect Gecko in a more active way. Practically a vigilante Samuel outfitted himself with a 10mm and a merc outfit, and made it known around town if anyone wanted to start shit, he'd be there to end it. It wasn't a week into the 'job' before Samuel was already helping Gecko. Bar fights dropped, and stores became a little safer, and humans who tried to fuck with the town were quickly turned away. His first kill was a man. A drunken fuck who tried to jump him late at night while he was patrolling Gecko, calling him a zombie fuck who shoulda been dead. Samuel beat the inebriated shitsack to the ground, he could have left him to lick his wounds and with a nasty hangover, but something clicked. The hammer of his pistol. It felt... Necessary to provide the waste of a man with a new hole in the head, and it didn't bring any feeling of guilt or horror to Samuel, he didn't enjoy it and revel in adrenalin, it was just the most logical thing to do. Why leave this man alive to cause more trouble, especially when he would probably suffer and get attacked again. It was almost instinct. After that, the streets of Gecko became a bit more quite. Drunks watched their step around Samuel, thugs kept a close eye on him, even the regular townsfolk began to notice him. They even started a rumor about Samuel, Silent Smiles. He'd shoot you without a word, and a smile on his face, if you threatened Gecko or anyone in it. The rumor was false, he'd only ever killed one man and he definitely hadn't been smiling. Or had he? Samuel couldn't remember, and he doubted anyone saw him do it. It's not like murder was the worst crime in the wasteland anymore, it was a daily occurrence. A simple eventuality of life. For the next twelve years, Samuel helped keep the peace. Samuel worked to keep Gecko safe the best he could, but he was just one ghoul. Fights still happened, humans still caused shit, and the raiders. A few ghouls helped from time to time but it was never enough, Samuel was overworked. It didn't take long before he found himself under the pressure he could only imagine his father had experienced so long ago. Soon the deaths began to rise, crime couldn't be tolerated, Samuel gathered whatever deadly weapons he could scavenge and outfit a unit of dedicated ghouls to keeping Gecko safe, at any costs. The order was always shoot to kill, don't let any raiders survive, don't let any smoothskins trying to hassle the ghouls live. He began to live up to his nickname, Silent Smiles. Always at the head of his unit and the most determined to kill, Samuel began to smile with each kill but still he never felt anything. He didn't realize how disillusioned he had become with life, it wasn't until Samuel started venturing out of the city to kill that he realized he had a problem. Now he had become what he hated, someone blind to themselves. After killing a raider woman in cold blood, who had tried to knife him after he shot down her boyfriend, Samuel realized what his life had become. There was no remorse over the deaths, there was no urge to repent and make amends, every death was deserved, but he had failed himself. Samuel could no longer tell what the lives of others meant to him, he had forgotten his convictions and views of the world in his blind hope to keep Gecko safe. A once assured and well thought individual become one of the greatest actors in their own life, they began to live a lie and they had no intention of keeping the mask. Samuel was not the de facto security of Gecko, he was simply someone who wanted to keep something safe. Establishing actual law instead of the martial law that had ruled, Samuel worked to calm relations between the ordinary ghoul populace and the renewal cult. He reworked his unit of soldiers into protectors. With his personal struggle ended and once again reassured of who he was, Samuel was at peace. When Gecko proved safe and even came to have an actual law force in 2270, Samuel didn't feel needed. There was nothing left logical to do so Samuel did something stupid, he started working with Caravans. Something in him said he needed to find his family, or at least, his descendants. Even though he was now one hundred and ten, Samuel reasoned he had at least a couple nephews and nieces running the family business now if not great nephews and nieces. Samuel didn't work as a trader himself, with his years as a protector he felt the role fit him rather well, and it even perfected his vision on life. To better oneself, not only was his mind sharp now, but his body was deadly. Accustom to fighting and labor, the ghoul felt he was the epitome of what a person should strive to be, intelligent, great physical prowess, and wise. Obviously prideful, but not wrongfully so. Even though he had always been a recluse and observational sort, years of life taught Samuel to work on so many different levels with people. It would be hard for a disinterested and snappy ghoul to get work, so he would be talkative and friendly. A ghoul that proved physically weak or incapable would never be hired over a young punk with some leather armor and an itchy trigger finger, so Samuel established himself as a powerful merc willing to protect any caravan no matter where it had to go. He hadn't particularly become what he hated, someone putting on a facade, instead knew just how to work to turn things in his favor. Still, he held that hatred for people but now he understood why people had to act, because most the time, they didn't realize they had become an actor. After ten years of operating in New California to protect caravans and traders, Samuel finally discovered the fate of Smiles' Smiling Caravan. Taking a job in Dayglow to protect a caravan seemed like the usual deal, than Samuel discovered the details his heart almost stopped. Bright Smiles Caravan, owned and operated by Sam Smiles. The caravan head, Sam Smiles, was his great nephew. He learned the whole story from him. Smiles' Smiling Caravan failed, Steven couldn't wait to become the leader of the caravan, so he had his father murdered while still living in Broken Hills. Always overly ambitious and aggressive, the caravan quickly lost it's uranium fortune to a string of bad business deals and failed caravan operations, no longer able to deal with the miners. Samantha had left with Adam's death, and the twins were little more than dead weight. Steven sold the caravan and left for Nevada, while Jackie and Jamie had become something of an... Attraction on The Strip in New Vegas since they weren't good for much else. Yet they were able to have a relatively nice life, starting a family they each had children and told them the stories of how the family used to be in the caravan business. Although never quite close, Jackie named her third son in honor of her long lost brother and it became tradition. Amazed by all of this, Samuel decided he would establish himself in Nevada. New California was safe enough thanks to the NCR, and hearing of the conflicts going on in Nevada, Samuel just knew it'd be a lucrative business selling himself as a guard for hire. Now, an inhabitant of Nevada for one year, Samuel works in tumultuous times and couldn't be happier. (Credit to Pishyakan and ww for this amazing stat sheet)
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    Hello my name is Jack and i love Roblox @Shaky and @john madden 20 are my gay lovers.
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    Where would we been without a communist group? Accepted, you’ll die from famine and starvation anyway.
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    Assuming this is next to the bridge near HELIOS ONE, I’ll accept the claim. Contact an senior administrator in-game about building your camp/base.
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    Some say I am a GIMP, but jokes aside I was just curious. It's a nice, simple way of doing it.
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    The Mojave Freelancers What are the Mojave Freelancers? The Mojave Freelancers are a fresh company of men-and-women for hire, capable of handling jobs on a clandestine basis. We do not limit ourselves to any particular line of work, and are happy to handle most jobs and tasks brought to us, providing the clientele is ready and willing to provide caps as compensation. We do, however, limit ourselves to legal work; and work that will not jeopardize the safety, integrity or livelihoods of the innocent. That being said, we are not averse to handling packs of ghouls, raiders or other ruffians, should it be necessary. The Mojave Freelancers opened for business in early 2282, harking back to the days of the leader's days as a mercenary, bodyguard and part of a town militia. Seeing an opening in the market, their leader started the Freelancers, and vowed he would take on anyone willing to work for them, providing they would follow his rules and code; leaving it up to the customer and clientele, which of the Freelancers would be chosen for a job. Primarily the Freelancers seek to put an end to feuds and retrieve stolen goods, but this is not remotely all they can do. A freelancer is welcome to take on any job they wish, providing that they acknowledge their acting independently, should it be something outside of the group's ideals. Their pay is decided by themselves, and they do not get any inherent pay for being a Freelancer, instead, allowing clientele to work out prices with them, for the best results for both parties. Roster (IC Names Omitted Intentionally) Leader: @ww Freelancers: @friendliest man alive, @Carrion, @Spine, @Megafreak Territory (Coming Soon)
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    hello fellow roleplayers! i am new to roleplay and this is my description 5'6, very attractive, double D breasts, australian accent, wants to be enclave
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    ill die a glorious death for the motherland or monika
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    I came from HL2RP with a few others and wanna give some Fallout RP a shot. Used to play FalloutNVRP on Clockwork a couple years ago but haven't seen much of it since. I also made a banner for you guys since you didn't have one yet.
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    yeah i dragged this guy into this too
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    The Revolution A group of Marxist Enthusiasts, who believe that Capitalism is the reason for all the conflict in Mojave. They plan to revolutionize one bit at a time, with the ultimate goal of overthrowing the NCR's Capitalist agenda. Although not initially men of violence, The Revolution will use whatever necessary to reach their goals, in order to preach the truth of the "Heroes" known as the NCR. The redistribution of power will be spread among the lands, causing a harmonious environment in which a Communist society shall prevail. Members Leader: @Tipi_Stealer21 Comrades: @Spartan ◢ ◤, @Lichmuncher, @OGZeus2010, @TheBird (IC names purposely not present) Territory
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    the time travelling commanding officer to be the ncr needs
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    are you the man that rules over the mr handys, general?
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    nice job stealing the idea of the liberty party idiot btw this guy got bullied off a server he stole this faction idea from because he couldn't comprehend basic English for example he sperged the fuck out because people said they didn't want a great khans faction also he's basically a minge during rp tl;dr ban he
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    Possibly the first Australian here, although I haven't checked. @ww invited me to have a look at this place, and upon hearing it was serious FalloutRP.... well I just got a big fat stiffy really. Whether or not I find the time to actually come on and play is a different story, but I thought it'd be good to make an introduction now if I do end up finding the time; so I'll list some completely and utterly useless useful things about myself; I'm addicted to cars. You will hear about cars. My name is an engine. FUCKIN' STRAYA I have a Bordercollie so if you need advice on how to handle them hmu. I staffed a HL2RP community for nearly two years, and as a result; I will never staff any server ever again. Cars. Now that's out of the way I'll go back to playing AC: Origins. Hope this community goes places! Pictured: Australian man drifts, probably dies.
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    hELLO MY NAME IS JACK GOFF. FRIEND IS MOON AND TIPISTEALER CYKA. i hope to one day reach my full potential and become senior admun. I very friends and great person please consider. Thanks welcoming to server. Fyi im on lookout for gamer chicks so hmu if u are interested i am very hot man. also subsrcribe to my youtube channel for daily minecraft video. Finally H Y P E U P ! ! !
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    After long and hard revision of the group and speaking to a friend, I have removed the Cuban/ Hispanic area of this, and made it more suitable for a FNV environment.
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    I'm not even going to go into detail explaining every reason why a 'communist Cuban' character is stupid.
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