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    Our new established community: Bytherion.net has started to host a new Fallout: New Vegas server, trying to recreate old memories from elder servers. Our current method of trying to achieve the best possible experience is to have a very free and in depth roleplay, ranging from millions of actions or decisions you could make in game to either become a Gang Leader, Famous Businessman, Legion Decanus, NCR Ranger, etc. we won't stop you from building your own story in the game (with extension of certain rules ). Fallout: New Vegas offers:An In-Depth clothing system that ranges from wearing different hats and clothing packs without a full model change! A relative in-depth character creation, make your own character unique by changing skin tone, hair style, eye colours, hair colour, old or young, etc.A gigantic map where players can claim, capture, raze, build, decorate, loot territory. A Crafting system to build your weapons and sell them to make more caps to improve your growing army or investment for a trade clan! A dynamic looting system, hundreds of boxes and crates around the map with a random loot spawning into them every so often! Faction creation, feel free to build up a brand new faction or side factions from the actual game with your friends! And so much more!The server is still in development but we are releasing our game mode within the next week! (Launch dates are given on our website, steam group and discord) Our website is at: http://bytherion.net Our teamspeak is available at: Our discord is available at: https://discord.gg/fkS9GMQContent pack: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=857839350We hope to see you soon in this great adventure!





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